Minority Business RoundTable | Washington, D.C.

About MBRT



The Minority Business RoundTable (MBRT) was established in 2002 as a national, 501c3 nonprofit organization for CEOs of Small, Minority, Veteran, and Women businesses consisting of African-American, Hispan- ic-American, Asian-American, and Native-American-owned top-tier entrepre- neurs, representing every industry sector.

MBRT serves as a unified force, empower- ing businesses to achieve growth and prosperity through active participation in public and private programs and initiatives, expanding entrepreneurship and creating jobs across America. Functioning as a valuable resource center, we provide the tools to educate businesses for success, assisting in navigating complex govern- ment contracting and procurement pro- cesses to win more opportunities and enhance the business environment. Through our advocacy, we work with cor- porate and government leaders to help formulate effective policies that improve programs, services, and introduce new initiatives dealing in an ever-challenging economic environment that impact minority and underserved businesses the most. MBRT collaborates with companies and government agencies to foster eco- nomic opportunities for all entrepreneurs. Membership is by invitation only. Members hold positions equivalent to top executives such as Director, Chairperson, CEO, or President of minority businesses.

Past Chairmen & Leadership

Albert C. Zapanta

CEO, U.S. Mexican Chamber of Commerce

Houston Williams

CEO, PNS Communications

Janice Bryant Howroyd

CEO, Act-1 Group

Betty Manetta

CEO, Argent Associates

Andra Rush

CEO, Dakkota Intergrated Systems

Howard Li

CEO, Waitex International

Tony Jimenez

CEO, Founder Microtech

Bart Garber

CEO, Tyonek Native Corp.

We have been more than 20+ years taking your business to another level.


Serve as the unified voice for minority businesses nationwide, empowering them by fostering business opportunities in both the public and private sectors. 

Breaking down racial, ethnic, and cultural barriers to enhance greater economic participation. Shape influential policies in collaboration with the government, large corporations, and minority businesses on critical issues impacting the business community.

Members of the Board and Officers


We champion minority business to improve government and corporate policies and programs that expand greater access to business opportunities.

 We provide the tools our members need to grow their businesses through strategic partnerships, setting standards, and building businesses. Whether it’s analyz- ing legislation, impacting policy makers, boardroom networking, advocacy, or advancing busi- ness building opportunities, MBRT is essential to successfully grow your minority business and take you to the next level.

Strategic Partnerships

MBRT is a valuable resource for minority owned businesses, the Fortune 500, federal and state government agencies, trade groups, and industry leaders. Our national events, conferences, luncheons, workshops, and latest industry news provides a solid platform from which our members can build successful alliances and partnerships.

Setting Standards

MBRT creates economic value for its members. As the minority business community continues to evolve, so does MBRT. We are constantly positioning ourselves to be an effective voice with influential policy makers providing a forum for economic development, promoting trade and commerce, and facilitating business opportunities.

Building Businesses

MBRT recognizes the value of networking through workshops, luncheons, and conferences that provide important marketing tools for building businesses. We provide the vehicle for meeting new customers and introducing programs for business scaling, angel investors, and venture funds to expand more resources for success.