Minority Business RoundTable | Washington, D.C.


Serve as the unified voice for minority businesses nationwide, empowering them by fostering business opportunities in both the public and private sectors. 

Breaking down racial, ethnic, and cultural barriers to enhance greater economic participation. Shape influential policies in collaboration with the government, large corporations, and minority businesses on critical issues impacting the business community.


We champion minority businesses to improve government and corporate policies and programs that expand greater access to business opportunities.

 We provide the tools our members need to grow their business through strategic partnerships, setting standards, and building businesses. Whether it’s analyzing legislation, impacting policy makers, boardroom networking, advocacy, or advancing
business opportunities, MBRT is essential to successfully take you to the next level.

Strategic Partnerships

MBRT is a valuable resource for minority owned businesses, the Fortune 500, federal and state government agencies, trade groups, and industry leaders. Our national events, conferences, luncheons, workshops, and latest industry news provides a solid platform from which our members can build successful alliances and partnerships.

Setting Standards

MBRT creates economic value for its members. As the minority business community continues to evolve, so does MBRT. We are constantly positioning ourselves to be an effective voice with influential policy makers providing a forum for economic development, promoting trade and commerce, and facilitating business opportunities.

Building Businesses

MBRT recognizes the value of networking through workshops, luncheons, and conferences that provide important marketing tools for building business. We provide the vehicle for meeting new customers and introducing programs for business scaling, angel investors, and venture funds to expand more resources for success.


MBRT is a 501c3, tax exempt nonprofit certified by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charitable organization.


Donations and contributions may be considered tax deductible for federal income tax purposes, as allowed by law. Individuals or companies who either donate cash or provide in kind contribution services will receive a donation receipt in the year it was received for federal income tax purposes. Check with your accounting professional for proper federal tax exempt documentation.

Non-members are encouraged to attend events, participate, and join MBRT.

We receive most of our funding through donations from individuals, corporations, government grants, membership dues, event fees and sponsorships. MBRT hosts a variety of sponsored events and programs including regional, national, and international conferences, White House and Congressional briefings, luncheons with Governors, Cabinet Members, government agencies, and elected officials in Washington, D.C. and throughout the United States. MBRT members receive special invitations and discounted rates.